Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Visual DNA 

Here's something fun I stumbled across...


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Signs of the Apocalypse, Part 47 

And the eighth angel poured out his vial upon the entertainment world; and Disney poured forth a scourge to smite the dollars from mankind's wallets:

And the email recipient opened her mouth and laughed violently, and tears did pour forth freely.

Seriously, people, High School Musical: THE ICE TOUR?!

Funniest. Thing. Ever.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Another Good Thing... 

If you needed more reasons to believe that the Guinness Chocolate Cake is the best in the world, here's another one:

If you happen to be hauling said cake into work in a cake carrier (bought at Target for 4 dollars) (take THAT, JoAnn Fabrics and your 15 dollar carrier) (YEAH, BABY) and also happen to have your purse and workbag on one arm and very heavy gift bag for your assistant's birthday on the other arm, and at one point reach out to knock on the door to be let into the office, fumbling the cake carrier and therefore watching it flip over and over and land on its head onto the sidewalk while you go, "NOOOOOOOOOO" in slow motion... rest assured, the cake will be the one thing to survive this event unscathed due to its protective and also delicious chocolate shell.

Or so I hear.

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Friday, March 09, 2007

Bad Auras 

Far from the usual charming nature ("nerdy") of my posts, but I found this site incredibly helpful--The Daily Headache. I've had migraines since I was a high school senior, and I can still remember my first one. I was working at Express, at a Sunday night seasonal meeting, when I got a small headache. It got worse and worse, until I could finally barely see straight. All I could think about was how long the meeting was taking. Finally, I remember stumbling back out to the car and crumpling into bed, bewildered.

About a month later came the second one at school. I had slid down in the wooden desk of my AP Euro class when the teacher looked up and said, "You? Look green. Go home." Despite having never left school before and being an honor student, I had to walk to the back of the school to get a tardy pass because the Dean didn't believe me. The principal intercepted me in the hallway, sobbing and unable to make it back. When he sat me down to call my dad for help, I couldn't remember the number. Probably half of Blue Cross got a call from me that day, randomly trying numbers until I found someone who knew him.

After that, the migraines came and went; sometimes one a month, sometimes 2 weeks' worth, or sometimes none for half a year. They mostly followed the same pattern, save my second year of teaching when I developed a month-long cluster headache that would suddenly interrupt my driving or a lecture and just as suddenly leave. My longsuffering 8th period class got used to sitting in the room with the lights off, shades pulled, and whispering. Previously uncontrollable, they were remarkably and thankfully compliant in the face of pain. Of course, the morning I decided to go to the doctor, it was gone.

In the last few years, whether it's that my life has slowed down enough or it's age, I've noticed a variety of accompanying symptoms and the differing nature of each headache. Before, they were so reliably similar. This past weekend I realized there was one on the way because my words started slurring together. After 2 days of fighting it, I had bloodshot eyes and was in a total daze. I got nothing done the first 2 days of the workweek. Memory loss, nausea, non-existant smells, dehydration... It's enough to make you feel mad.

But, on a search today, I stumbled across this great list of all the varying symptoms, pre-, during, and post-migraine. Lo and behold, I am not insane. It's just a bullet list so it's a quick read, but very reassuring and helpful if you deal with migraines personally or second-handedly.

Migraine's Other Symptoms

Other facts:
* Over 50% of migraineurs in a study were triggered by the weather
* Only a small percentage of sinus headaches are true sinus headaches, while the rest are really migraines
* They're hereditary--1 parent is 50% chance, 2 parents is 75%, close relative 20% (I had both parents and 2 grandparents with them)

Thank heavens there's so much research coming out on these lately, but there is still a long way to go.

For now, at least I know I'm not crazy. In regards to this, anyway.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Starbuck is Ben Sisko 

As you know, I am both a fan of Star Trek and BSG. And, last night's episode of BSG, "Maelstrom", was certainly a watershed one, ending in poor Starbuck going kablooie. There's a lot of conjecture about what REALLY happened to her, with half the people thinking she's dead and the other half thinking she's not. Did she hit the ejection lever? Was Leoben in a heavy raider? Are there parallels to the original series and the Angels? Is Lee a whiny baby? Sorry, no, I added that part myself.

My immediate thought is, Moore is far too enamoured with Kara to truly let her go, even if he is enamoured with his own plot trickery nearly as much. All of the goodbyes throughout the episode were a little too heavy handed. Her death seems too obvious to be true. So the real question is, then what happened?

After spending far too long delving into the scifi this morning, I had a very nerdly epiphany. To illustrate, let me tell you a little story 'bout a man named Ben. Sisko, that is, from Deep Space Nine, otherwise known as, Ronald Moore's previous project.

Now, this is very traumatic for me, because Gul Dukat was my favorite character in all of Star Trekdom and, when they made him evil, I stopped watching DS9. Except for the last episode, during which they made him Even More Evil, and I howled in protest and threw several things and was extraordinarily glad the show was over so they couldn't screw up any more of my favorite characters (re: Worf, Dax, Vedek Bareil, and Garak). If you are a Trekkie and know who those people are, you can see why I don't gamble. But, because this is for scientific purposes, I do this for you.

*deep breath*

Once upon a time, there was a man named Benjamin Sisko. He was traumatized from his wife's death at Wolf 359 and thought his life was worthless. Lo and behold, the Prophets, aka the Bajoran gods, begged to differ (or, as one former student put it, begged to defer)(she also used to ask if people were smoking "refer" which I thought was hilarious).

Anywho, nobody ever found out who those Prophets were, because they like to talk through visions of people you already know in order to reach Your Linear Mind, even though they are definitely Not That Person. But one thing was for sure--they lived in a wormhole.

Also, they thought he was just swell. And special. So special that he had a destiny. A destiny they went on and on about in their prophecies. They even nicknamed him the Emissary. Occasionally they'd zap him up into the Celestial Temple. And who was there to convince him of his destiny? Why it was his dead wife.

One day the Emissary had something important to do. So, he said goodbye to the woman he loved and who would ultimately go totally nuts as Sherry Palmer on 24 and have to be shot dead. That particular fact may not be terribly important. Nevertheless, RIP President Palmer. *sob*

Back to the story. Ben Sisko got in his shuttle.
He went to a very scary place...
...fulfilling his destiny by saving all of humanity (and alienity), and died.
You know...kind of.
Except that he didn't really die. He ascended. Or lived with the Prophets. We never got to see exactly what for, because the series was over 5 minutes later.

Now let's take a look at Starbuck, shall we?

Kara...my density has brought me to you...
Bye bye, Lee and your subpar acting in this scene:

I feel my destiny calling me through my dreams. And so I must leave in my Viper...

And head towards a gigantic whirlpool...

...in which I have a vision of my dead mom, because of whom I have always felt worthless, telling me to embrace my destiny. And let's not forget Leoben, who says most definitely that He Is Not Leoben.
Dead Mom:

NOT Leoben:

Boy, it sure is scary in here!

Now I'm feeling the need to embrace my not-yet-revealed destiny which undoubtedly has to do with saving all of humanity and die.

Or DO I?

Need any non-RDM parallels? Please see Wizard, The White (LOTR) and Prophet, The Blind (Dune).

But, really, you don't need non-RDM material, because we already know he reuses old ideas. Hence the last scene:

Hey, it's Adama, breaking his little ship! Look familiar?

Hey! it's Jean Luc Picard, breaking his little ships! Guess who was a staff writer on that movie? You'll never guess.

I'm just saying, don't be all surprised if you see this scene next season, with a little BSG coloring and change of uniform.
And don't expect them to admit it's coming, either. Because, please.

Literary extra credit:
A Descent into the Maelstrom by Edgar Allen Poe. Here's the most important clue to Starbuck's fate, from the final paragraph, bolding my choice:

The barrel to which I was attached sunk very little farther than half the distance between the bottom of the gulf and the spot at which I leaped overboard, before a great change took place in the character of the whirlpool. The slope of the sides of the vast funnel became momently less and less steep. The gyrations of the whirl grew, gradually, less and less violent. By degrees, the froth and the rainbow disappeared, and the bottom of the gulf seemed slowly to uprise. The sky was clear, the winds had gone down, and the full moon was setting radiantly in the west, when I found myself on the surface of the ocean, in full view of the shores of Lofoden, and above the spot where the pool of the Moskoe-strom had been. It was the hour of the slack — but the sea still heaved in mountainous waves from the effects of the hurricane. I was borne violently into the channel of the Storm and in a few minutes, was hurried down the coast into the 'grounds' of the fishermen. A boat picked me up —exhausted from fatigue — and (now that the danger was removed) speechless from the memory of its horror. Those who drew me on board were my old mates and dally companions — but they knew me no more than they would have known a traveller from the spirit-land. My hair, which had been raven-black the day before, was as white as you see it now. They say too that the whole expression of my countenance had changed. I told them my story — they did not believe it. I now tell it to you — and I can scarcely expect you to put more faith in it than did the merry fishermen of Lofoden.

And of course, I could be wrong about all this. But, you know, maybe not.

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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Couch Potatoes 

Couch Potatoes

Who knew cats liked the History Channel? Since I wouldn't let Lex perch on my stomach while I recovered from a headache, he struck my pose next to me instead.

Also, I started a Flickr account this morning so I can keep all my online photos in one place without chewing up space here. There are some other nice ones of my flowers, etc. on there as well, and you can subscribe to the feed to keep up with the latest ones. Comment if you like them, and enjoy!

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Friday, March 02, 2007

Even Rainier Morning 

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Rainy Spring Morning 



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