Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Oh Happy Day! 

I just love Ocean's 11. It's such a great, fun caper movie that never bothers with all the moralizing cliches. It's sarcastic and quick. The cinematography is great. The people are pretty. The end is hilarious. Let's not talk about how many times I've seen it.

Now, Ocean's 12 was not that great and I count the hours I spent watching it in the theatre on New Year's Eve among those I will never get back. But, you know, it's not too bad on the TV, especially if you find you have laundry to do during that ridiculous BreakDancing Thief Scene. And it makes no sense that Terry would want his money back when he'd already been reimbursed, but WHATEVER, or that Julia Roberts would play herself, or that Brad Pitt has no chemistry with Catherine Zeta Jones, because, ooh! pretty!

So, given that Ocean's 12 was kind of lame, I couldn't believe they were doing Ocean's 13. However, because I love the team so much, and because I am a sucker for such things as capers, for Danny Ocean's slicked back hair, for implausible disguises, for Andy Garcia losing weight no kidding it's about time, for eye rolling, and also for good trailers, here it is:

*sigh* So. GOOD.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Mushroom Saga Continues 

Remember when I told you that leaving my obscene mushrooms til the end of the day is not a good idea?

More fungii porn

See what I have to put up with? Are you listening, Mother Nature?! There were at least 10 "eggs" waiting for me under the mulch too. I've always loved gardening, you know, but no.

Incidentally, my experience with Ravenel's has at least provided an answer to one of my college years' quandaries: What in the heck is on the back of Tori Amos' Little Earthquakes album? Personally, I just assumed it was Tori being her usual slighly questionable self..

And, you know, it is. But it is also not just a figment of her angry but highly poetic mind. It is my mushroom, only slightly prettier and nonsmelly. Notice the taller one's cap has been picked dry, which is not unlike the men featured in her songs. If you would like to see this for yourself, please see the CD stack of any American woman between the ages of 25 and 40, directly between Jagged Little Pill and the Paula Cole.

*waits for you to return*

See what I mean? This has boggled me for years. Now I know.

It also reminds me of one of my favorite scenes from French Kiss:

"Look, Luc, this reminded me of you."


Incidentally, I have never met a man outside of my family who could stay awake through that whole movie, but, personally, I think it's hilarious.

Finally, on a more festive note, a holiday picture, featuring me and a faux fireplace:

Sorry my hair is so blah, but it was quite foggy out. Just be glad it isn't an afro. Coming soon... HOLIDAY COOKIE RECIPES.


Friday, December 08, 2006

Sunglasses of Justice 

You may have noted that one of my pet peeves is David Caruso. And yet, that doesn't stop this video from being truly hilarious. 7 minutes of his CSI: Miami one-liners, each followed by the AIGHGHHH that kickstarts the theme song. Somehow the screaming makes it just *that* much funnier.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

3 Pictures 

I forgot to add this picture of the Chocolate Guinness Cake to the recipe entry...

mmmm! One final note on the cake, when the chocolate cover hardens, you need a pretty sharp knife to cut a piece all the way through and not crack the shell. Whatever you do, don't slide the knife under the slice towards your bare finger. Chocolate is slightly difficult to clean out of a gaping wound. Not that I would know from personal experience.

Next picture... For some inexplicable reason, the tiny courtyard in front of my apartment has been plagued with mushrooms. Everytime there is any bit of moisture--rain, fog, whatever--exactly 2 days later, I have at least one new stinkhorn. If you've never had one, it smells a little like ammonia and a little like rotting flesh. But I can't just have any stinkhorn growing out there, like the usual Octopus Stinkhorn that looks like silly string gone bad, it has to be one I'd never heard of... Ravenel's Stinkhorn. Look at this lovely thing:

Obscene, no? You should read the legend on how it came to be--I can't find where I first read it; however, the Latin name for this plant is phallus ravenelii. Pretty much sums it up. Of course, if you don't get these buggers right away, the spongey stalk deflates, the gooey top turns black and tarry, and it falls over and pollinates everything in sight. Given that, I get to start my day off by yanking up each new visitor with the newspaper wrapper, hoping I don't sink my fingers down into a hidden, unhatched "egg" (see below).

So fresh and oozing with yuckiness! One day recently I pulled up over 40. Nobody else I've seen at the complex has these. I love nature.

Last picture--a more cute, non-yucky visitor!

Awh! We noticed this little guy hanging around by the hotel parking lot next to Mayo. Since he came right over to me to say hello, I was convinced he'd either run away or had been dropped off. With winter coming, myriad birds of prey on the property, and a busy street next to his covey, I thought I'd try and "rescue" him. However, after a couple hours of my assistant Robin and I running around with a beach towel and minnow net after him--through the courtyard, under the cars (NO, BUN, NOT UNDER THE BEATLE), etc.--followed by a day of near paralysis (clearly, I had not done enough plies in my childhood to last me a lifetime, as I previously thought), he let us know he was not having any of that rescuing business.

We did have several lovely conversations, though, during which I sat on the grass and he bathed 2 feet away (SO cute), and I suggested he rethink his plans not to move in with me and Lex and what lovely buds they would be, seeing as how they were both the color of a caramel macchiato. He, on the other hand, thought his thatch of sawgrass was just fine and was enjoying the 99 cent Wendy's salads the ladies were leaving him. Robin thought we should name him Ajoe (for the journal), but by the time we had returned from Thanksgiving break, he'd moved on. I hope. *sigh*

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