Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Ok, I realize it has been ages since I updated the front page and ... I'm sorry, ok?! *laughing to self at the years spent in lectures from parents explaining that is not a real apology* Anyway, I have many excuses. Pick your favorite, they are all relevant:

1. I normally write during a lull at work, and there have been no lulls.
2. Related to #1, my boss has had an unusual number of projects the last two months, specifically, a new one every 5 minutes.
3. The lack of coherence in said projects has led to a general malaise and/or derangement, blocking any semblance of creativity I may or may not have had prior to the onset of the above.
4. After nearly 4 years of "You don't need a window to work" indoctrination facilitated by a double-wide, shared cubicle, we are moving to an office with windows and a door (that only goes out) in 2 days.
5. For someone who typically does not travel, I've managed to schedule 3 trips in June, 2 of which are over already and have inspired the following new theme...

Crazy Theories! Yes, it's true. There will be new entries soon, each one under the theme of Crazy Theories, mostly formulated while under sleep deprivation torture away on my last trip, which was to the West Coast, part of which was a fabulous experience and the other part of which reminded me that I am no longer 20 and cannot function on 6 hours of sleep every 48 hours.

So! Be on the lookout! I know you are all shivering with excitement! Crazy Theories coming soon!



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