Thursday, May 04, 2006


Two online clue quests are raging, both with rabid fans... LOST and The DaVinci Code. Google's Da Vinci Code Quest has been running for nearly a month, accessible through its personalized home page, and features daily puzzles released at 1 PM EST every day with skills including "picture hanging," symbology sudoku, trivia chess, map recognition, and video clue hunting. Each day gets more challenging, leading up to the final challenge on May 11. The first 10,000 people completing the puzzle that day will be sent a Codex leading to 5 online puzzles (no doubt extremely challenging versions of the simplistic every day puzzles), ending with the final winner of a ridiculous amount of prizes including, of course, a trip to the Louvre. "Losers" get to keep their Codex. It's not too late to join and catch up, and most of the answers can be found here.

Edited to add: This is a short article by one of the creators of the puzzles. Some interesting information is that there are 12, 358 variations of the puzzles and that you quite possibly need to learn chess for the finals. Which... is just fabulous, because even though I've made quick work of the other puzzles, I know zero chess and I've performed horribly on the map challenges every time. #$^#@ programmers!

The LOST Experience just kicked off yesterday, adding an official sanction to the online maze of clues fans have followed thus far. The Experience runs parallel to the show, adding information to the backstory of the corporation "behind" the Island and its experimental beginnings. Fans are working together online posting clues for others to decode as fast as they can be found.
As usual, the best place to start is... The Hanso Foundation
The Tail Section is the official fan collective, with a special board for the clues
The Lost Experience is a blog tracking the clues
Another blog
The most comprehensive source of multi-media clues your quest?



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