Thursday, April 27, 2006

Going? Still Going, & Done 

The fall TV schedule will be released mid-May, and the future of many shows, namely SURFACE, is on the fence. Now, you know I love me some Surface. As one poster on TWOP put it, "It's like our scifi version of Passions!" It's not just a's a Noah's Ark monorail to the end of the world with clones on it! It's not just a's a crazy little-girl-voice talking baboon! I ask you, where can you get fine entertainment like that? Nowhere, which is why you have to go here:

How can you resist a face like that? But you have to go now to join in the MAYDAY! activities--signatures on several petitions, emails, and other messages are being collected to present on May Day to the studio execs. Free Nim!

Still Going
Congratulations to Stargate SG:1 in filming its 200th episode for its upcoming 10th season.
Click here to see the CTV (it's filmed in Vancouver) news clip and some unfortunate MacGyver plastic surgery results. The episode was divided into parts and distributed amongst all the regular castmembers who wrote the script laden with inside jokes and based it on the hugely popular episode Wormhole X-Treme, in which the team serves as "consultants" on a TV show spoofing...Stargate. Apparently, RD Anderson will substantially be in this episode, rather than just on the Red Phone, in the other room, late, at home, in the bathroom, locked in his office, vaporized, or any of the other number of excuses they've had in the last year for his retirement.

The cake:

Farewell, dear Alias, which completed filming, forever, this week. Here is my tribute, based on JJ Abrams' next big project...

Friday, April 14, 2006

Death and Aliens 

April 15th marks Tax Day as usual and in non-celebration, an Invasion Marathon. Haven't been keeping up? Well, why not?! Sure the beginning was slow, what with NotDeanCain strutting around and "Carleeeeeta!!!" getting out to roam the Everglades, but ever since the big reveal (shape-shifting, gut-sucking alien manta rays) it's just been getting better. Or weirder. Or something. But at least it's fun.

Anyway, the last 9 episodes start at noon on ABC Family (which means none of that boring lead-up stuff) in preparation for the big final episodes starting back on Wednesday after LOST.


The Faux Blog

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Standard Nerds 

Speaking of nerds, I ran across a great new sitcom on YouTube. It's called The IT Crowd (as in information technology) and the 6 original episodes aired on BBC in March. It's kind of a cross between Office Space and The Office, with a lot of dry British wit and geekiness. Don't expect sleek American sets by any means, though. It takes place in the basement of a self-proclaimed Ally McBeal-type business and they don't clean off their one tiny window until episode 6.

Main characters are a pocket protector type who emails the fire department when a fire breaks out, a gaming slob who trolls the upper floors offering help to attractive women, their attractive manager who knows nothing about IT but is more like them than she thought, and the egomaniacal CEO who gives them all a motivational speech in biking lycra. Episodes 1, 2, and 5 are hysterical. The others have their merits. Another crazy BBC quirk? The next season doesn't start until 2007.

Official site

YouTube Eps

Just remember, in an emergency call 2-0118 999 881 999 119 725


Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Nerdy Numbers 

If you stay up a little after one a.m. tonight, you'll get to see it turn...

01:02:03 on 04/05/06

And, if you don't do military time, you can see it all over again on your lunch break tomorrow!

Thanks to Joshua for passing this along from his nerdly math friends.



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