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Links for the LOST and Searching 

You may have seen recent articles about how the show Lost is not just a show anymore, but, for the die-hard fans, an interactive search for answers. Before Lost, you could search the internet for pre-airing "spoilers" of upcoming show episodes and turn up something here or there, thanks to moles in production or casting calls or whatever. The Lost producers are playing along, leaking information through sites and pictures and emails, depending on how hard the fans want to play.

The fun thing is, there is no one site (rather, there are many...many sites), and it's difficult to tell which sites are legitimately associated with the show, which ones are slightly associated with the show, and which ones are just other fans messing with fellow fans.

Clues abound, from anagrams as names to file names to... The trick is, turn something up, then research to find how/why it's there. Lost clues appear in many different languages, including Runes, Old English, and Old Dutch, and pull themes from ancient myths, the Bible, New Age, and Buddhism. The modern is mixed indiscriminately with the old, and nothing is an accident, even if it's just to add to the feel of the show.

If you want to jump on the bandwagon, here are the sites to visit:

First, the King Daddy of Lost sites, The Fuselage. It's run by the producers and writers of Lost, and by signing up for the spoiler section, you can get legit info on future shows...IF they dole it out. And you have to figure out which aliases are really the writers, because they change them everytime someone busts them.

Or, you can visit ABC Medianet, which is maintained by ABC for other media outlets including press releases and screen captures of past and future episodes. Now on to the fun stuff...

Definitely from show producers

The Hanso Foundation - occasionally the links are updated with a memo, press release, video, etc. on one of the Active Projects pages. The "Orientation" video is available here.

Oceanic Air - All kinds of easter eggs on the seating chart, though has not been updated recently. The producers usually release season previews on here, and they send out communiques with episode titles via the mailing list on In-Flight Magazine.

Possibly legitimate, usually right

Oceanic World Air - Updated frequently with fake advertisements that actually contain or link to new information; the flight schedule periodically has new links to videos, animated gifs, and memos (one recently from the FAA canceling their investigation due to DOD interference)

BigSpaceship1 - Typically involves a cryptic picture, Morse code page name (you'll need this Morse code decrypter), an arrangement of letters (anagram solver), a chipmunkized song, and a link, all thematically connected to a future episode or key relationship. Updated every few days, sometimes more than once a day.

King's Cross State Police - To get in the first time, click "Forgot Password?" The answer to "What did one snowman say to the other snowman?" is "Freeze." All kinds of image easter eggs buried in the depths of this site. Most likely a fan's site.

Marvin Candle - Hard to access, but a few brave souls have gotten the author of the site to correspond with them with upcoming riddles and clues, using a Stealth Message account. Marvin Candle is the star of the "Orientation" filmstrip.

Globe Spotter - Doesn't look like much, but drag to highlight hidden text of The Numbers, some linked to various other sites or information.

PB Sales - Believed to be run by a former (current?) writer on the show, its president "Vincent Madison" (think the dog) occasionally corresponds with fans who write with intelligent inquiries.

Mr Clucks - Hurley's former place of employment ("Have a cluckety cluck cluck day."), the chicken graphic is a rollover, usually to a text excerpt followed by an illustration and is relevant more often than not. Right now it's to Heart of Darkness by Conrad.

There are a few Dharma Industries sites out there, all protected by passwords.

Fan Sites

Lost Links - With the particularly helpful "Whispers" page.

TV Squad - Has a nice summary/podcast of each show and usually audio links to any backwards speak, etc.

Sledgeweb - Updates his site with clues he uncovers pretty regularly

TWOP Forums: Lost Online - Virtual Clues or Just More Confusion? - If these people haven't found it, it isn't out there...they're hardcore. I have a few posts on here, mostly from researching the clues they turn up.

Lost Survivors - Run by one of the background cast members, who are mostly reused each time - Fan forum with exclusive interviews and a pretty decent spoiler board

4815162342 - Another good fan forum with some hilarious t-shirts

Some of the latest clues

The earliest published writing in Old Dutch:
Hebban olla vogala nestas hagunnan
All the birds have begun their nests
Hinase hic enda thu
except me and you
Uuat unbidan uue nu?
what are we waiting for?

An ancient Latin riddle:
In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni.
We go into the circle by night. We are consumed by fire.

A Google map of Aralai, an island with familiar coordinates.

Just fun:

Talking Heads Lost Parody



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