Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Thanksgiving Menu 

And the turkey is decided:
Martha Stewart's Perfect Roast Turkey

Basted in 4 sticks of butter and white wine? What could be better.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Oh Happy Day! 

The holiday season is here!

...It is the first chilly morning so far. Yesterday, Jacksonville was the warmest city in the nation. Today, we've dropped 25 degrees. The air is clear and crisp and filled with the buzz of excitement people greet the coolness with at the beginning of winter, before it's overstayed its welcome. Sure it will probably be sticky and humid again by next week, but I guarantee retail sales will go up this weekend. I just wish someone would tell the building manager that it's cold outside, so they can lay off the A/C already. I haven't taken my jacket off yet, and it's 2 pm. Despite this, I cannot actually prove that the office is, as my Canadian assistant exclaimed, like a meat locker, because my thermometer has apparently been partaking of The Weed and refuses to display anything but 75F. Right.

...To celebrate, I stopped for the most wonderful drink in the world: a Gingerbread Latte. Mmmmmm. Granted that some days Peppermint Mochas are much better, but I can't not mark the holidays with a GBL (shortened for text-messaging purposes). They remind me of their first year's debut...probably 5 years ago or at least that's when I discovered them...when I had one practically every day, especially when visiting my now-returned-home buddy Perry in Boston. Tromping through the streets in 20-degree weather, wind howling in between the downtown buildings and filling my lungs with ice. The futility of trying to remain fashionable despite 750 layers of Performance Fleece and the sleet whipping off my makeup. The realization that, had I been a Pilgrim, I would have willingly died if I'd thought the grave would be warmer. Thankfully, GBLs were there on oh-so-many corners with their warm, spicy goodness, even if
one rogue Starbucks which shall remain nameless (*cough* Steaming Kettle *cough*) refused to serve me anything but plain coffee because it was 5:55 and we all know that that is way late and definitely time to clean up, especially when you have a line of customers out the door. You can see that I am still not over the flagrant GBL denial, lo these many years past.

Incidentally, I love how the Wicked Good Guide says that the kettle was "incongruously placed atop Starbucks." First of all, it wasn't placed atop Starbucks. It was placed atop
a tea shop, which the Starbucks has now moved into, because it is a corporate monster, albeit a wonderful, God-given one. Secondly, even if it had been placed atop a Starbucks, how is that incongruous? I don't think that word means what they think it means.

I just hate misuse of the English language. Sue me. I'm an editor. You'll get nothing.

...Also, I have begun gathering my holiday recipes. You might think my
Food TV addiction would serve me well in this case, but overall it has showed me what I would never consider stuffing into a turkey, serving beside a turkey, or generally ingesting in any fashion. I have, however, discovered a time-honored recipe that deserves some consideration: squichanary pye! Mostly, I just like saying "squichanary," but then there is that lovely recipe involving parsnips flavored with beets and colored with currant jelly. Mmm! They sure knew how to eat back in 1742.

My favorite part of the article is when they say it's for advanced cooks. Advanced in what? Alchemy? What would be funny is if someone does a website where they make all the recipes in that book, like that
one woman did with Julia Child's Joy of Cooking. But then, you know, you have to eat the food, which would be the downside.

I'll post my actual menu next week.

...Finally, the big pre-Christmas clothing sales have started, and I have procured a new pair of jeans, although I was not aware that they had a
secret language. If mine did, though, it might be something like this: "I'm really short and have to buy whatever fits me, which isn't much, thanks to this inexplicable obsession jeans-makers have with tiny legs, gigantic waistlines, and thong underware. Despite that, I refuse to pay more than $25 for jeans that do fit. Also, if you're close enough to read my tag, you're close enough to get Maced."

Just a word of advice from a former retail worker: the best sales are now. Once it's past Thanksgiving, they have you where they want you. Short of terrible figures in early December, prices won't get better than this.

So go forth...and shop!

P.S. Squichanary!



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