Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Extreme Makeover: Blog Edition 

Long time, no blog! On with the saga....

About 7 weeks ago, an Extreme Makeover: Home Edition was being filmed in Hastings, FL, about 40 miles or so from here, and the volunteer organization Dad works with occasionally, Builder's Care, was assisting. The day Dad went out to help build the homes (they adopted 1 home and did repairs on 20 other homes in the community), I got a call from their production assistant, Millie. It seems they were filling the library, needed books, and found our original business name online... Duncan & Duncan Gifts and Books. Don't ask how--I'm not sure where it's listed, other than my resume.

We were pretty excited, but I told her WrapStars didn't carry books anymore, though we could provide spa items for the bathrooms and a breadwarmer in the kitchen. Fact 1: They use Nextel phones, which, in rural farm communities, are utterly worthless. Most of our conversations involved yelling, short sentences, and callbacks. Fact 2: Extreme Makeover depends on trade:--You donate your products in exchange for a listing in the credits, on the show and online.

So, we rushed to our storage facility and started gathering baskets. By Sunday night, we had 6 baskets, 5 spa and 1 kitchen. It was a little challenging to find out how many people lived there and the children's ages, and in the end, it looks like we missed the oldest son. But, the baskets turned out great.

The next day I took a half day off work with Mom to meet Millie at Barnes & Noble at 830 a.m. Or so we thought. Unfortunately because Hastings is way out there and she was driving into town, she got saddled with 4 other major errands besides picking up donations, and the meeting took place, finally, after 1115 a.m. She couldn't have been nicer, telling us how she joined the show, her adventure staying at a beachside hotel and waking up with a pigeon in the room, etc. Once we got the baskets strapped into the cargo van, we showed her the way to USA Baby for kids' furniture and went home to fill out the paperwork.

I ended up taking the day off, but it was worth it. 80 degrees and sunny.

This past Sunday and Monday night, the show played on ABC. Fact 3: They rarely show the bathrooms in the homes unless something extraordinary (like Derek's fish tank sink) is in there. So, our baskets didn't make it to the screen, but we did get a thank-you phone call from the mother. She was very gracious, and the home was spectacular. We were so glad to be a part of it, though, regardless of the credit. The baskets were a blast to assemble, and we loved being able to donate our time to a deserving family in need of a real break.

Be sure and check out the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition page for episode information (check out the outside kitchen... gorgeous!) and if you zip allllll the way down to the Bathroom & Kitchen section of the featured products page, you'll see WrapStars :) We did get a listing in the credits on the show, but you had to read really, really fast!

Here are the ones we sent:

Our top selling bread warmer baskets, Welcome pineapple pattern.

For the parents, including a Light's Out sleep mask, which allows for eye movement, travel votives, and a foot reflexology kit.

For the aunt. Includes a Massage Mouse and Scentsational SoaPourri.

Features a Makeup Mouse (gloss inside) & Gummi Bandaids.

Here you can see our Lobster Loofah Buddy, Lip Service candy gloss, exfoliating gloves.

An Octopus Loofah Buddy and Chocolate Bandaids.



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