Monday, November 29, 2004

All I Want Is You... for 1400 bucks 

I'm a U2 fan, but not this big a fan. Apparently there are only 100 copies of this purple single LP of "All I Want Is You" hand-numbered (with a few rumored to have slipped through the cracks) in the WHOLE WORLD and one is for sale on eBay. So far for only $1400. Get your bids in! Or send your kids to college!

Sorry, little Timmy, I love Bono better

The story of the minting (scroll down a bit)

Update: It sold for $2750. No, I'm not lying.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Txgiving Review 

And... I have returned from the post-election haze of relief from no recounts and pre-holiday denial. You know what that is--where you think to yourself, is it November already? And time to vote? Thanksgiving is here? Only 3 paychecks to Christmas?!! Surely not!

Then you proceed to bury yourself in work and not think about it until it's almost too late, at which point people start talking about Buying The Bird and Dethawing It. The nifty gift sets of perfume nobody wears during the year and yet somehow are the "perfect gifts" appear in the store windows, you buy one present, and before you know it, you're convincing yourself that, hey, there's only a couple of people to buy for this year, but let's make out a Christmas list anyway. So you do. And hey, there are a whole lot more people than you remember on there!!! Sure you set price limits for the first three but there are one, two, five, sixteen more?!?!?!


See, I knew you knew what I was talking about. Well you know how much I love talking about holiday food, so here is the menu that was Thanksgiving 2004 (and the first one in a while without a Regrettable Experimental Dish tm):

And some random links...

  • Herbal incense, soap, wreaths and more, hand-made, from plants in the California and Oregon forests: Juniper Ridge
  • Funny post-election smack talking about how Dems can reshape their party
  • A blog from a smart-mouthed chick such as myself who actually settled down but still manages opinions on topics from CSS to babies

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

I'm in a Red State of mind 

View from space, Midnight, November 2:

Monday, November 01, 2004

What's your sign? 

No, not that kind. In honor of the impending elections (ongoing in my state, Florida), a commentary...

Seems like everyone has a political agenda these days, whether they're on Letterman, Oprah, or Crossfire, but nobody lets on unless they're elected officials. You know, the little (R) or (D) next to their name. Personally, I think everyone should either state or display their registration/leanings so we'll all be tipped off ahead of time to their particular color of glasses. In fact, we should add a few to really explain it.

So, what's your sign?
D = Democrat
R = Republican
I = Independent
L = Libertarian
G = Green

Plus the explanatory letters...
C = Conservative (more to the right in your party)
M = Moderate (more to the middle of the two major parties)
L2 = Liberal (to the left in your party)
W = Wealthy as defined by either party, whether you really are or not
H = Hollywood (you're too wealthy for either party to affect you, you're out of touch with most voters, you think everyone else is stupid, and you'll say anything to get your favorite in office)
A = Armed Forces member (you've earned your opinion)

Let's go even further by...
Bolding your designation if you're registered and vote regularly
Plain text if you're registered but don't vote regularly
Italicize if you claim an opinion but aren't registered

For instance: Oprah's Supposedly Non-Partisan Voting Special. Oprah, Cameron, Drew Barrymore, P Diddy, and Christina Aguilera would all have name labels like Oprah Winefry (DL2WH). Interestingly, no one has an R or a C or even an M. Perhaps then we wouldn't be so shocked at the words from our "non-partisan" friends as they decry America's opinion in the face of the world, or inflame their majority conservative viewers with threats about what horrible things would happen if we re-elect the President. They wouldn't be able to hide behind their enlightened viewpoint as an actor; bias would be apparent.

Perhaps Oprah would even reconsider her guest list to include someone like Patricia Heaton (RCWH). Still a WH, but a balancing force nonetheless.

Pundits would be obvious, and opinions would be clear before they opened their mouths. And frankly, that's how it should be in a time like this. No one should have the luxury of claiming innocence from bias on the eve of the most important election in our recent history. No one should speak from their mountaintop as though their words are fact, especially in the face of a record turnout of relatively uneducated voters.

--Sarah (RM)



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