Thursday, June 26, 2008

Archives & Chocolate Cake 

After the recent server switch, I didn't realize that the monthy archive links on the side panel were all dead until today. Sorry about that! The path has now been made clear for perusing.

In related archive news, I completely overhauled my portfolio section thanks to a Flickr widget, and now each section of photos will constantly update with the latest additions per subject. Not only does it save a ton of space on the server, but I don't have to build a new page for every photo, or write the scripting to pull them in. As for the writing portions of my portfolio, sadly, you are left with the same ol', same ol'. I've been doing a lot of editing for other people's writing, but not doing much of my own. Clearly. Or this page would have more than a bunch of bird pictures on it.

The good news is, I've just taken over office operations at the Journal after losing my great assistant and friend, Robin, to manage The Spine Journal in Chicago. Since no one is there many days due to the editor in chief traveling quite a bit, I've just started running things from home on those days. And it rocks. Plus the office is unfortunately getting bumped to a different building, far away from the media people I have come to know and love, so that they can make my gorgeous office with a door to the garden and bathroom into a private snack room for doctors, right after they just spent a bajillion dollars building a new cafeteria.

Ask me how I feel about that. I really think modern work life, while certainly not as dirty and smelly as previous centuries, is inhumane in its own special way.

Anyhoo, in the attempt to avoid working in my newly cubicled area on the 5th floor with nonopening windows and stalls and "break rooms" seething with leftovers, I will be here as much as possible, freeing up some time and energy that I can use to write.

Lastly, a big HELLO! to Adam's friends, whom, I am told, are seeking the Guinness Chocolate Cake recipe. I'm sure he gave you the link, but I thought I'd include a shorter version that I use when I'm in too much of a hurry to make The Real Thing.

Guinness Chocolate Cake: Easy Version

1 box Ghirardelli double chocolate muffins
Guinness extra stout
whatever else the box calls for

This is the complete For Dummies version in that you just substitute the beer for water in the recipe and blend it right up. Usually I do this in a cupcake pan, but it can be baked as a cake as well. It doesn't have as much of that awesome Guinness smell that the other cake does, but it does punch up the richness of the chocolate in the muffin mix.

Good luck, and I will be updating very soon, now that our big news is out!

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